Twitter Appears To ‘Shadow Ban’ Daily Wire Star Gina Carano

Twitter Appears To ‘Shadow Ban’ Daily Wire Star Gina Carano

According to various reports, including numerous Twitter users, Gina Carano is being “shadow banned” on Twitter.

According to MMA Mania, an SB Nation blog, “Twitter has locked her account behind a ‘sensitive content’ filter that seriously impacts her reach and visibility.”

“Shadow banning” is the complete or partial blocking of a user or their posts on an online platform like Twitter, with the intention of making it appear to others that they have not been banned. A simple example of “shadow banning” would be one post being hidden from all users except for the one person who originally posted it.

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After initial investigations by The Daily Wire, it appears that the rumors might be true. While logged in on Twitter, Gina Carano’s profile doesn’t appear when “Gina Carano” is entered into the search bar, despite being a verified account with almost one million followers. To find her profile, users have to click on the “People” tab.

Furthermore, it appears that Gina Carano is

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