Turkey to Send Troops to Caucasus War Despite Peace Deal

Turkey to Send Troops to Caucasus War Despite Peace Deal

Lawmakers in Turkey voted Tuesday to allow Turkey to send troops into Azerbaijan for “peacekeeping” purposes, despite Azerbaijan and Armenia reaching a peace agreement independently of Turkey over a week ago.

The two nations were embroiled in escalating violence over the border region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Nagorno-Karabakh became part of the Azeri Soviet Socialist Republic under Joseph Stalin despite its population being indigenous Armenians. After the Soviet Union collapsed, ethnic Armenians fought a war resulting in tens of thousands of deaths to separate from Azerbaijan, establishing a rogue self-declared state known as the “Republic of Artsakh.” The modern state of Armenia has never controlled Nagorno-Karabakh and it does not recognize Artsakh as a country, but violence between Azerbaijan and Artsakh nonetheless resulted in significant casualties for Armenian troops.

Fighting erupted in the region in late September, prompting Turkish Islamist President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to extend aid to Azerbaijan, citing their mutual

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