Trump's treatment of Pence angers conservatives

Trump's treatment of Pence angers conservatives

President Trump’s targeting and failure to call off a mob who stormed the U.S. Capitol in search of Vice President Mike Pence has disturbed conservatives, administration colleagues, and allies of the vice president.

“They’re upset with the president for turning on many of them,” said a former Trump campaign official, and in particular, for pointing the finger at Pence after the vice president refused to discard electoral votes certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s win, as Trump urged him to do repeatedly.

“These are reasonable, rational conservatives who believe in the cause, saying, ‘Why in the world would you turn on your vice president who’s been extraordinarily loyal, but also reasonable, rational, is giving you good advice, and has stuck with you this whole entire time?'” this official continued. “The good, the bad, the indifferent, the ugly, he has been there for you.”

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Pence was rushed to safety as throngs of pro-Trump rioters pressed inside the building and chanted,

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