Trump's legal long shot extends 2020 presidential contest

Trump's legal long shot extends 2020 presidential contest

President Trump’s reelection campaign may be on the cusp of its first major legal victory: disqualifying a small number of mail-in ballots for first-time voters in Pennsylvania who were unable to confirm their identification by the required Nov. 9 deadline.

A court ruled last week that the commonwealth’s Democratic secretary of state overstepped her authority when she instructed county officials to count such ballots as long as the voter ID requirements were met by Nov. 12, a different date than is listed in the statute.

These ballots were already segregated and uncounted, but the ruling could be a favorable sign that the Trump campaign may be able to challenge successfully all mail-in ballots received after the Election Day deadline set by the state legislature yet extended by the state Supreme Court due to the pandemic.

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Still, that would only be 10,000 votes. Joe Biden leads in the state by more than 53,000 votes, which has led to

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