Trump’s Approval Rating Surges After Capitol Hill Protests

Trump’s Approval Rating Surges After Capitol Hill Protests

There’s a reason we call him Teflon Don!

Despite the fake news…

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Despite all the claims that President Trump “incited” violence at the Capitol when he did NOT…

President Trump’s approval rating has popped up even higher!

As of today, Trump’s approval is at 48%.

This comes from Rasmussen, which was among the most reliable pollsters in the 2020 and 2016 elections.

Rasmussen Reports: Trump Holds 48 Percent Approval Despite Capitol Hill Riots

(This was from yesterday. Today his approval is – up.) via @BreitbartNews

— Rasmussen Reports (@Rasmussen_Poll) January 12, 2021

President Trumps approval ratings continue to go up.

— Dr. Dawn Michael (@SexCounseling) January 12, 2021

Trump Job Approval:
Approve 49%
Disapprove 50%@Rasmussen_Poll, LV, 1/7-11

— Political Polls (@Politics_Polls) January 12, 2021

The Democrats have continuously pushed the narrative that President Trump is to blame for the Capitol Hill riots.

However, as we previously proved, the facts and timeline prove it was IMPOSSIBLE

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