“Trump Won” Sign Spotted Again This Time At Fenway Park!

“Trump Won” Sign Spotted Again This Time At Fenway Park!

The first time the “Trump Won” sign was seen was at Yankee Stadium, then it was seen again at Mets Stadium and now the sign has appeared yet again at Fenway Park home of the Boston Red Sox.

In both cases in New York the fans who held the sign were thrown out of the game.

The fan who decided to do the same thing at Fenway Park got the same treatment and after he unrolled his huge banner that read “Trump Won” he was immediately thrown out of the stadium.

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A Red Sox spokesperson commented on the incident and said their “policy does not allow any signs to be hung” at the ballpark.

Check it out:

It's spreading

“Trump Won” Banner Unfurled at Boston Red Sox Game – Fan Escorted From Fenway Park by Security https://t.co/tPBr43W4FO

— AntifaBook.com (@JackPosobiec) June 8, 2021

Another massive 'Trump Won' flag unfurled at Red Sox game. https://t.co/Xz5kgTEKcp

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