Trump Won New Hampshire Primary By Greater Margin Than Obama, Bush and Clinton!


Can you say….”crushed”?!?

Yes, there was a Republican primary in New Hampshire last night.

Of course, the media was focused on the Democrat primary, which is still trying to pick up the pieces after a shoddy start in Iowa last week.

Trump won the New Hampshire primary with over 120,000 votes, the most votes an incumbent president has ever received in the state.

PBS reports:

President Donald Trump overwhelmingly won New Hampshire’s GOP primary, but more than 12,000 votes went to a long-shot challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

With most of the vote in, Trump already had amassed more votes in the New Hampshire primary than any incumbent president in history.

Trump’s vote share was approaching the modern historical high for an incumbent president, 86.43% set by Ronald Reagan in 1984. Weld received about 9% of the vote of New Hampshire Republicans.

The outcome was a reflection of Trump’s strong support among Republicans and his campaign’s nearly 18-month

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