Trump Visits Michigan; Slams "Washington Vultures Like Biden" Over Job Killing Trade Deals

Trump Visits Michigan; Slams “Washington Vultures Like Biden” Over Job Killing Trade Deals

President Trump visited the critical battleground state of Michigan on Thursday where he tore into Joe Biden’s dismal economic record. 

Trump delivered the goods to an enthusiastic crowd in Freeland where he assailed the former vice president as just another Washington vulture who if he manages to return to the White House, will resume Barack Obama’s disastrous embrace of globalism. 


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The president slammed lunchbucket Joe, pointing out that “Michigan lost half of all manufacturing jobs after the trade deals that Biden supported,” and that if Biden won “China will own America.”

Trump who has put America first, drew a contrast between himself and “Joe Hiden,” the latest in a string of catchy nicknames for his political adversaries. 

“This guy’s starting to do very well. Lying about his lifetime of cold-hearted globalist betrayal. Biden championed NAFTA — perhaps the worst trade deal in the history of

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