Trump Unloads On Biden At Nevada Rally: “Let’s Face It, Joe Is Shot.

Trump Unloads On Biden At Nevada Rally: “Let’s Face It, Joe Is Shot.

President Trump ventured out west on Saturday when he visited the battleground state of Nevada an unloaded on his hapless opponent with both barrels. 

Speaking before an enthusiastic crowd in Minden which is just outside of Reno, Trump delivered the goods, condemning lunchbucket Joe’s policies as “pathetic” while painting his basement bound opponent as a spent force who is incapable of standing up to the radical left. 


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According to Trump, “let’s face it, Joe is shot” in a jab at the 77-year-old Biden who has spent the months since his DNC-assisted ambush of Bernie Sanders sequestered in his Delaware basement where he slips slowly into dementia. 

The POTUS also railed against Nevada’s Democrat governor after his original rally set to take place in Reno was banned using the coronavirus as an excuse. 

Via The Hill, “Trump slams Nevada governor at rally, takes aim at mail-in voting”:

President Trump

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