Trump: Twitter, Facebook 'a Disgrace' -- 'They Have to Be Stopped'

Trump: Twitter, Facebook 'a Disgrace' — 'They Have to Be Stopped'

In a Monday phone interview with Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Company,” former President Donald Trump blasted social media giants Twitter and Facebook.

Trump said it is a “disgrace” that Twitter and Facebook have banned him and censored other conservatives on their platforms. He emphasized that the companies “have got to be stopped.”

[Relevant portion beginning around the 17:45 mark of the interview]

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“Censorship. Facebook has banned you for two years. Twitter has banned you forever. How do you get the word out? Do you have a plan?” host Stuart Varney asked.

“Well, I have been getting it out. I do news releases or press releases, and … I think I’ve been getting it out very well, but they are really — these are bad people, these are dangerous people. … It’s got to be stopped because our country is in danger. You know, Zuckerberg would come

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