Trump threatening to end Democrats' half-century lock on Minnesota

Trump threatening to end Democrats' half-century lock on Minnesota

Minnesota, reliably Democratic in presidential elections since it went for Richard Nixon in 1972, is emerging as a swing state this year, possibly just in time to salvage President Trump’s reelection bid.

Trump trails Democratic nominee Joe Biden in as many as eight swing states — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin — while holding narrow leads in the typically deep red battlegrounds of Georgia and Texas. With so many flanks to guard, Trump’s rising fortunes in Minnesota, a state representing perhaps his lone offensive opportunity, could prove critical to his second-term prospects.

With the Labor Day kickoff of the fall campaign in the rearview mirror, Biden’s lead over Trump in Minnesota was down to 5 percentage points, 49.5% to 44.5%. That puts the president in striking distance of the state’s 10 Electoral College votes.

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Trump is gaining ground with culturally conservative, blue-collar voters across rural northern Minnesota that have voted Democratic for

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