Trump, the disrupter, delivered in a bad way

Trump, the disrupter, delivered in a bad way

Wednesday was a bad day. None of what happened made any sense.

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser, who governed permissively during the riotous summer of 2020, used the words “law and order” during a press conference, explaining how the city would respond to a riot at the Capitol. President Trump said his vice president has no courage.

The rogues who forced their way into the Capitol trod all over the nominal priorities of Trump’s administration: conservatism, respecting police, law and order. They put a lie to the notion that he would be remembered as a champion of institutional conservation and to all that posturing about the self-preserving import of appointing conservatives judges (and presumably, by extension, respecting the rulings of Republican-appointed judges). Those judges had ruled on this matter.

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It was all so stupid, so reckless, so contradictory, and self-defeating. The Senate’s President Pro Tempore Chuck Grassley cut off Sen. James Lankford, who was in the middle of

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