Trump: ‘Survival’ Of Country Depends On GOP Wins In 2022

Trump: ‘Survival’ Of Country Depends On GOP Wins In 2022

President Donald Trump prophesized doom and gloom for the nation run by progressives if Democrats are able to maintain a unified grip on power for more than two years under the Biden White House.

“The survival of America depends upon our ability to elect Republicans at every level,” Trump said at the North Carolina GOP State Convention Saturday, warning Republicans have “no choice” but to strip progressive Democrats of their D.C. trifecta dominating the House, Senate and White House.

“We’re going to defend our freedoms … we have to defend our borders … we have to stand up for our values and we’re going to take back our country,” Trump said.

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Trump’s call for electoral action comes as the time is ripe for a new reinvigorated cultural tea party. The original tea party emerged ten years ago when President Barack Obama’s aggressive pursuit of sweeping changes provoked backlash at the ballot box and stripped the Democrats of House control

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