Trump Suggests China Pay Reparations for Causing COVID Pandemic

Trump Suggests China Pay Reparations for Causing COVID Pandemic

For the first time in a couple of months, President Trump spoke directly to the nation and suggested that China pay reparations for causing the COVID pandemic.

In his speech, last night at the North Carolina GOP convention President Trump did what he does best.

He outlined the current state of affairs in this country today. We all know that things have become somewhat dire since he left office.

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We have watched things fall apart in the middle east. Hackers have taken control of both a major pipeline and a meatpacking company putting our energy and food supplies at risk. And, the economy has become stagnant despite Biden’s claims we are quickly recovering from the China virus pandemic.

Throughout the entire pandemic, we were told that the virus originated from either a bat or a pangolin. In fact, if anyone dared question the origin of the virus we were told that we were racist.

Fast forward a year later

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