Trump says he’s ‘all in favor’ of background checks for weapons


President Donald Trump said he is “all in favor” of requiring background checks for gun purchases during a Wednesday press pool on the White House lawn.

His comments came following three shootings across the country in a week. A shooting in Gilroy, California, on July 28 killed three and injured at least 13; a shooting in El Paso, Texas, killed 22 and injured 26 on Aug. 4; and a shooting in Dayton, Ohio, killed nine and injured at least 26.

“I’m looking to do background checks. I think background checks are important. I don’t want to put guns into the hands of mentally unstable people or people with rage or hate — sick people. I’m all in favor of it,” Trump told reporters. (RELATED: Background Checks Are Required To Buy Ammunition In California)

“There’s a great appetite — and I mean a very strong appetite — for background checks, and I think we can bring up background checks like we’ve never had before. I think both Republicans and Democrats are getting close to a bill. They’re doing something on background checks.”


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“Republicans and Democrats must come together and get strong background checks,”

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