Trump says black Americans ‘don’t dig’ Joe Biden

Trump says black Americans ‘don’t dig’ Joe Biden

President Trump on Friday said black voters “don’t dig” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“The black community gets it. They don’t dig him, they don’t like him,” Trump told radio host Rush Limbaugh during a “virtual rally” as he recovers from COVID-19.

Trump said he believes he’s going to win an increased share of the black vote after winning an estimated 8 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 88 percent share in 2016.

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“They don’t like Biden. He did the super-predator stuff, you know he was the super-predator king,” Trump said, referring to criticism of the Biden-sponsored 1994 crime law that’s credited with contributing to the mass incarceration of black people.

“I’m getting numbers, you know, we’re at 20 percent, 22 precent, which, not that I’m proud of that because it should be 100 percent,” Trump said.

“If you look at what I’ve done for criminal justice reform, Obama couldn’t get criminal justice reform done, I did. Prison reform, the small

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