Trump says Biden will turn Latinos’ US dream into an ‘American nightmare’

Trump says Biden will turn Latinos’ US dream into an ‘American nightmare’

President Trump on Monday honed his reelection pitch for Latinos, saying Democrat Joe Biden would reduce safety and economic opportunity — turning their American dream into an “American nightmare.”

“I’ve achieved more for Hispanic Americans in 47 months than Joe Biden achieved in 47 years. They don’t call him Sleepy Joe for nothing,” Trump told a packed hotel ballroom audience in Phoenix, Arizona.

“My Latinos. I love the Latinos. But I’ve always known how great you were,” Trump said during an 80-minute roundtable of businesspeople and officials that at points resembled a campaign rally.

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Trump said Biden would end the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and invoked increases in violent crime in major cities following the May killing of George Floyd by Minnesota police.

“Have you seen his peaceful protesters?” Trump said. “They’ll rip down your community. Many of these are Hispanic American small businesses.”

“Many Hispanic Americans came here to pursue the American dream, right?” Trump said.

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