Trump rips ‘boring’ Bob Woodward book and ‘nut job’ Carl Bernstein

Trump rips ‘boring’ Bob Woodward book and ‘nut job’ Carl Bernstein

President Trump says he spent some of Monday evening reading journalist Bob Woodward’s book — and was not impressed.

Speaking to Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning, the commander-in-chief remarked on Woodward’s tome, titled “Rage,” after being asked why he spoke to the Washington Post editor.

“I assumed he was a little bit fair, I didn’t do it previously. He only writes bad books, and I actually got to read his last night — I read it very quickly and it was very boring,” the president told the network.

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Asked further about the decision and whether his reporting was accurate, Trump said Woodward’s work was just “okay” before defending his own conduct, explaining how he did not want to create a panic.

The commander-in-chief then turned to Carl Bernstein, the veteran journalist whose explosive reporting with Woodward brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon.

On CNN Monday, Bernstein called Trump “a homicidal president convening ― purposefully ― a

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