Trump Proven Right Again: Huawei Spied on Americans Businesses


Last year, the media attacked Trump for targeting Huawei in an executive order. 

The order was meant to set the stage to ultimately ban Huawei from the U.S.

Turns out Trump’s instincts were proven right… again.

The U.S. government has officially accused Huawei of spying on American businesses and citizens.

Fox News reports:

It’s another privacy controversy involving Huawei, and this time the Trump Administration says it has proof the Chinese telecom giant has been spying on its customers – for years. 

Huawei, a multi-billion dollar Chinese conglomerate and one of the biggest cell phone manufacturers in the world, is now being accused by multiple U.S. intelligence agencies of leaving back doors in their mobile phone equipment, and those back doors could be used to spy on users. According to an article that originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal, for more than a decade Huawei has built equipment that secretly preserves its ability to access networks through

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