Trump points to 'discrepancies' in Nevada commissioner's race

Trump points to 'discrepancies' in Nevada commissioner's race

President Trump and his allies are saying that ballot discrepancies in a county commissioner’s race in Nevada give a boost to their efforts to challenge Mr. Trump’s loss in the state’s presidential contest.

But commissioners in heavily Democratic Clark County certified all the results of the general election on Monday, except for the race for the commission seat in District C, where a special election will be held.

Mr. Trump tweeted of the Clark County case on Monday night, “Big victory moments ago in the State of Nevada. The all Democrat County Commissioner race, on same ballot as President, just thrown out because of large scale voter discrepancy. Clark County officials do not have confidence in their own election security. Major impact!”

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Clark County Voter Registrar Joe Gloria told the county commission on Monday that there were 139 ballot discrepancies in the race in which Democrat Ross Miller defeated Republican Stavros Anthony by 10 votes out of the total

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