Trump on Biden: 'This Guy Is Shot -- Everyone Knows It'

Trump on Biden: 'This Guy Is Shot — Everyone Knows It'

President Donald Trump on Tuesday responded to his 2020 Democratic opponent former Vice President Joe Biden calling him a “climate arsonist” and “climate denier.”

Trump hit Biden over his interviews and numerous gaffes on the campaign trail, saying he is “shot” and “everyone knows it.”

“You look at Biden, he’s reading notes and he’s reading teleprompters all the time, and he doesn’t read them well,” Trump outlined. “And during interviews, he’s doing an interview, and I saw it two or three weeks ago I said I think he’s reading a teleprompter. They are asking him a question and I watched and then when this guy gets asked about that he makes a fool out of himself and he can’t answer the question because he knows it’s true.”

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“I’ve never seen anything like it. Nobody has,” he continued. “The man is shot, let’s face it. We can’t have a man whose

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