Trump Jr. accuses NY AG James of ‘persecution’ in Trump Organization probe

Trump Jr. accuses NY AG James of ‘persecution’ in Trump Organization probe

Donald Trump Jr. accused New York Attorney General Letitia James Tuesday of leading a “political persecution” against his father, former President Donald Trump, with her office’s investigation of the Trump Organization.

“I think it’s a political persecution, and I know that because she literally campaigned on it,” the 45th president’s eldest son told Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, referring to James’ 2018 campaign to be elected state AG. “She was going to investigate the crimes. The problem is, it wasn’t as though she was a part of this office. She had no idea.

“But in New York, it’s OK to try to persecute your political enemies, to try to target them, to try to hurt them, and they’ve been doing that for over five years,” Trump Jr. added. “So five years, no actual crime. They’re in search of a crime. They’ve been trying to investigate, to create a crime, because that’s what you’re doing in New York. Again, shouldn’t

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