Trump Job Approval at 51%, Winning with Millennials and a Strong Economy


According to a recent poll, President Trump has passed the crucial 50% job approval mark, which is seen by many as vitally needed to win reelection.

The most recent Zogby Poll  placed President Trump at a 51% job approval rating, his highest ever since taking office.

Jonathan Zogby, a pollster from Zogby analytics, claims the strong economy is a huge reason for the President’s success, particularly among millennials and independents, who are beginning to increasingly embrace his agenda and performance.

Zogby also stated that the economy alone could make President Trump extremely hard to beat in the 2020 election, especially if it continues to improve.

According to the Washington Examiner:

His survey found that several groups that had been leaning against Trump were starting to favor him in large part because they have growing confidence in the economy and Trump’s handling of it. Notably millennials and independents have turned in his direction.

Overall, likely voters said

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