Trump Jabs "Confused MESS" Drudge As Readers Abandon Iconic Site In Droves

Trump Jabs “Confused MESS” Drudge As Readers Abandon Iconic Site In Droves

Once the top resource for conservatives looking for the real scoop, the Drudge Report has become just one more propaganda megaphone for those seeking to deny President Trump a second term. 

In a radical shift that stunned longtime readers, the site began to feature links to stories that were highly critical of President Trump who the reclusive proprietor Matt Drudge was solidly behind in 2016.


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But things change and so has Drudge with his hugely popular news aggregator becoming practically indistinguishable from the mainstream media but it is clear that the Drudge Report may as well be on the payroll of the Harris-Biden Campaign. 

But it is costing dearly in terms of lost readership and President Trump himself pointed that out in a blistering tweet, referring to Drudge as a “confused Mess” who has no clue to what happened regarding the ongoing exodus. 

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