Trump Hammers Biden as ‘The Worst Candidate Ever Put Up’

Trump Hammers Biden as ‘The Worst Candidate Ever Put Up’

President Donald Trump labeled Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “the worst candidate ever put up” during a Thursday campaign rally in Michigan.

“I have the distinct pleasure of running against the worst presidential candidate in the history of presidential politics,” Trump said.

“Can you imagine if I lost to him? I’d have to say I lost to the worst candidate ever put up. Don’t do that to me, Michigan.”

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During the rally, Trump pointed to Biden’s recent interview with Jake Tapper when the CNN host asked the former vice president whether the North American Free Trade Agreement or the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement was better.

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The USMCA is Trump’s renegotiation of NAFTA.

It “created new labor and environmental standards for the United States, Mexico, and Canada regarding farmers’ access to North American markets and a requirement that car manufacturers use more parts that are made in North America,” the Washington Free

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