Trump greets supporters in Washington from motorcade

Trump greets supporters in Washington from motorcade

President Trump was greeted by applause, cheers, waving and whistles from hundreds of supporters holding a rally near the White House Saturday for his continuing election fight.

The president rode in a motorcade in a circuit around Freedom Plaza about a block from the White House as supporters punched the air, took pictures with phones and held signs that included

“Best prez ever” and “Stop the Steal.”

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The crowd also waved flags including ‘Trump 2020: Keep America great’, ‘Trump 2020: No more bullshit,” ” ‘All aboard the Trump train!’, and “‘Women for Trump.”

People climbed on walls for a better view. Some supporters ran excitedly after the motorcade, according to a pool reporter traveling with the president.

There were chants of “USA! USA!”, “We want Trump! We want Trump!” and “Four more years! Four more years!”

Many supporters wore red, white and blue flag patterns. One man had on a t-shirt that said: “I’m deplorable.”

The motorcade didn’t stop,

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