Trump flag removed from Washington Square Park arch

Trump flag removed from Washington Square Park arch

Cops on Tuesday ripped down a Trump banner placed on the iconic arch in Washington Square Park, according to police sources and video.

The small blue flag, hung about 25 feet up on the eastern part of the structure, was taken down about 2 p.m. after appearing overnight, according to an officer at the scene, a section of the park that for months has been surrounded by barricades.

Video posted on Twitter at 2:12 p.m. shows a worker in a blue helmet standing on an NYPD truck using a long yellow implement to take the flimsy flag down from its perch as a group of cops and others stood by.

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Witness and reporter Paris Behrooz tweeted a video of the flag being taken down, noting that onlookers in the liberal West Village “clapped” and “cheered” the cops on as they removed the campaign paraphernalia, which is not allowed on public structures.

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