Trump First President To Budget For Sending Education Bucks Back To States


President Trump has become the first president to incorporate into his budget one of the few good federal education policy ideas: Sending Americans’ money back to their states to decide how to use it.

Federal education programs have wasted trillions, enriching contractors and bureaucrats who lobby for open taps while arm-twisting Americans into trusting them with their dollars and children against all evidence that trust is deserved. Even federal evaluations have repeatedly found that federal education programs are ineffective. The conclusion of a century of increasing federal involvement in education is unequivocally that if you want something in education, the worst thing you can do is task the federal government with it.

That’s why it’s such a good idea to get the money back closer to the kids, where it belongs. The Trump administration’s aspirational 2020-21 budget proposal would block grant a substantial portion of K-12 dollars back to states. It’s an excellent first step towards eliminating federal meddling

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