Trump fights to win back seniors

Trump fights to win back seniors

President Trump is waging a battle against the coronavirus to recapture one of his most important demographics: the voters aged 65 and over who came out for him in droves in 2016 but have since soured on him due to the pandemic.

On Friday, Trump told seniors at a campaign event in Fort Myers, Florida, they would be “first in line” for a coronavirus vaccine, assuring the indoor and largely maskless crowd that he was “moving heaven and earth” to deliver this before 2021.

Trump, who in 2016 won seniors nationally by 9 percentage points against Hillary Clinton, 53% to 44%, is today neck and neck with Democratic nominee Joe Biden, both at 49%, according to recent polling by the Pew Research Center.

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And though Trump won Florida’s seniors by 17 points in the last election, he trails Biden by 2 percentage points, 45% to 47%, according to an October New York Times/Siena College survey of likely

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