Trump Drives By ‘Million MAGA March’ In Downtown DC As Protests Remain Peaceful

Trump Drives By ‘Million MAGA March’ In Downtown DC As Protests Remain Peaceful

President Donald Trump made a surprise drive-by visit to demonstrators at the “Million MAGA March” in downtown Washington, D.C. on Saturday, a protest that has so far remained peaceful on Saturday.

The march is a show of support for Trump despite his slim chances of remaining in the White House after Inauguration Day, with former Vice President Joe Biden holding strong leads in all the states he needs to reach 306 electoral votes. The media has overwhelmingly called the race for Biden, despite Trump’s legal challenges to the results in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. (RELATED: REPORT: Over 130 Secret Service Officers Infected With COVID-19 Or Quarantining After Trump Campaign Season)

President Donald J Trump just drove by at the Million Maga March!!!

— Million Maga March (@MilionMagaMarch) November 14, 2020

Million MAGA March — Here’s the overhead view of Freedom Plaza at 11:15AM #MillionMAGAMarch2020 @WUSA9 @CBSNews

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— Mike Valerio (@MikevWUSA) November 14, 2020

The event remained peaceful throughout Saturday and during the president’s drive-by visit, though groups like the Proud Boys, which have engaged in violence, are present. The Proud Boys often clashed with violent groups like Antifa and violent Black

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