Trump compares Hunter Biden to shady pharmaceutical ‘middle men’

Trump compares Hunter Biden to shady pharmaceutical ‘middle men’

President Trump jokingly compared Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s scandal-scarred son Hunter Biden to shady “middle men” who fix pharmaceutical drug prices during a speech to seniors in Tampa, Fl., on Friday.

Touting his work to cut drug prices, the commander-in-chief asked anyone if they’d met a middle man before joking that Hunter Biden worked as one — a nod to The Post’s reporting this week on the son’s foreign business dealings.

“I’ll bet you Hunter is a middle man. He’s like vacuum cleaner,” Trump told the crowd, accusing the oft-troubled son of following around his ex-vice president father Joe Biden on overseas trips to hoover up piles of cash.

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“Hunter made no money until his father became vice president and now he’s like a vacuum cleaner,” Trump continued, referring to a tranche of Hunter Biden’s emails published by The Post on Wednesday and Thursday which indicated he leveraged his father’s influence to score lucrative deals overseas.

“His father goes

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