Trump campaign turns focus to virus-stricken Midwest

Trump campaign turns focus to virus-stricken Midwest

President Trump is campaigning hard in the Midwest, hoping states such as Iowa and Wisconsin will help him cobble together the electoral votes he needs to win a second term. It’s also where the coronavirus is surging, underscoring how difficult it will be for him to get away from the pandemic’s shadow.

Mr. Trump says he saved Big Ten football for Hawkeye and Badger fans after a difficult year — and that help is on the way in the form of advanced therapies and a vaccine.

Yet Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden sees an opening, saying the uptick in cases and deaths are proof of a failed federal response, as he courts seniors who make up a sizable share of the population in Iowa and other battleground states.

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The Midwest was largely spared early in the pandemic, as the Northeast got walloped, but it is the most worrisome region now, with Iowa and Wisconsin among the top 10

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