Trump Campaign Requests Formal Recount in Georgia

Trump Campaign Requests Formal Recount in Georgia

An audit of the Georgia election results found that Biden only “won” the election by 12,670 votes, which is only a quarter of a percent.

In the audit, 4 counties found about 900 uncounted ballots for President Trump.

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This is prompting the president and his legal team to call for an official recount of Georgia’s votes. 

The president’s legal team is still embroiled in several lawsuits throughout the country hoping to expose more widespread voter fraud. 

This election is still far too close to call, despite what Democrats and submissive Republicans are claiming.

Fight on!

— James Griffin (@jamesedgriffin) November 22, 2020

Fox News has more details on the formal request for a recount:

President Trump’s legal team Saturday formally requested a recount in Georgia — a day after the state certified the election for President-elect Joe Biden.

In Georgia, a campaign has the right to ask for a recount when

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