Trump campaign aggressively investing in digital advertising

Trump campaign aggressively investing in digital advertising

President Trump’s reelection campaign is aggressively investing in digital advertising — a strategy that helped him win the White House in 2016.

Team Trump has poured more than $170 million into aggressive marketing on Facebook and Google ads, compared to just $90 million from the Biden campaign according to new data from DC comms shop Bully Pulpit Interactive, according to The Hill.

Biden’s camp has been ramping up its spending online in an effort to catch up, and has been matching the president in the battleground states.

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Last month Biden announced a $280 million ad buy covering 15 states of which 20% would be devoted to digital spending, Business Insider reported. Recent Facebook posts from his campaign have warned of tightening polls to convince Americans to open their wallets to him.

Though conservatives have long griped about tech censorship online, many of the top performing Facebook posts come from conservatives opinion leaders and websites like Ben Shapiro and his

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