Trump Calls For Impeachment Of Feckless Backstabbing Romney


President Trump continued his assault on failed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Saturday and topped it off with a call for the senator’s own impeachment.

The feckless backstabbing former governor of ultra-liberal Massachusetts has become a hero of the same media that once mocked him now that he has defended the crooked Biden clan and continues to attack the POTUS.

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The media wailed in outrage after Trump blasted Romney as a “pompous ass” despite it being a perfect description of the gutless wimp who lacked the cojones to do battle with the bombastic billionaire during the 2016 primaries and will have his back throughout the impeachment.

Trump uses vulgarity, calls for Romney’s impeachment after senator criticizes president’s China, Ukraine appeals

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 5, 2019

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