Trump: Biden and the 'Democrat Socialists' Will Take Your Guns

Trump: Biden and the 'Democrat Socialists' Will Take Your Guns

While speaking at his first post-COVID campaign rally, held in Sanford, Florida, President Trump warned that the Second Amendment will be gone if Democrat Joe Biden is elected to the White House.

Early in his speech, Trump said, “Biden and the Democrat socialists will kill your jobs, dismantle your police departments, dissolve your borders…[and] confiscate your guns. No more Second Amendment.”

Toward the conclusion of the rally, Trump pledged that he and his administration will defend gun rights during a second term. He said, “We will uphold the right to keep and bear arms, your Second Amendment.”

The crowd responded to Trump’s mention of the Second Amendment with chants of “USA, USA, USA.”

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On August 24, 2020, Trump launched the Republican National Convention by warning that a Joe Biden/Kamala Harris administration would “obliterate the Second Amendment.”

C-Span reported Trump saying, “They will take your guns away, as sure as you are standing or

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