Trump asks judge to toss niece Mary Trump’s ‘conspiracy’ laden lawsuit

Trump asks judge to toss niece Mary Trump’s ‘conspiracy’ laden lawsuit

President Trump says his niece’s lawsuit against the family is full of “conspiracy theories” — and all just part of a plan to make money off the famous family name, according to new court papers.

In a September lawsuit, Mary accused Trump, his sister Maryanne and late brother Robert of swindling her out of tens of millions of dollars in inheritance money.

Trump and the executor for Robert’s estate are asking for the judge to throw out the suit, which they claim is time-barred and “laden with conspiracy theories more befitting a Hollywood screenplay than a pleading in a legal action,” according to court papers filed Monday.

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Mary — who also fought her family in court earlier this year to publish her tell-all book — claimed her aunt and uncles schemed to cut her out of her inheritance after the passing of her dad, Fred Trump Jr., in 1981 and later her grandfather, Fred Trump Sr., in 1999.


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