Trump Announces Game-Changing COVID Partnership with CVS and Walgreens

Trump Announces Game-Changing COVID Partnership with CVS and Walgreens

President Donald Trump announced Friday that his administration has reached a partnership with pharmacy chains CVS and Walgreens to guarantee that when a COVID-19 vaccination is available, it will be given to nursing home residents at no cost to them.

Although no vaccine is yet available, the Trump administration is developing a plan for ensuring that prioritized groups, such as senior citizens living in long-term care facilities, are among the first vaccinated, according to a Department of Health and Human Services news release.

The vaccine will be available with no out-of-pocket costs to residents in all long-term care settings, including skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential care homes and adult family homes, the agency said.

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The department said this will particularly serve residents in rural areas who may not have an easy access to a pharmacy, because CVS and Walgreens will schedule on-site clinic dates to administer the vaccine, once it is developed. The release said

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