Trump and family looking at big paydays on speaking circuit

Trump and family looking at big paydays on speaking circuit

President Trump will continue to draw huge crowds when he’s out of office — and can expect huge fees to speak to them.

The 45th President of the United States will easily receive $1 million, and likely more, for speeches in the US, TMZ reported. He could rake in even more overseas, the site maintained, citing bookers who help celebrities get such deals. The president can also expect first-class digs, and likely some golf trips thrown in. So far, it doesn’t appear that any talent agencies have signed any members of the family yet, but with the president staring down at least $400 million in personally guaranteed debt, he’ll welcome the cash flow. Trump and his family members claim the presidency cost the family “a fortune.”

Politicians frequently earn significant sums on the speaking circuit when they’re out of office. The millions Hillary Clinton took in from speeches to the likes of Goldman Sachs was a major issue during

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