Trump advisers defend COVID-19 response in fiery CNN debate

Trump advisers defend COVID-19 response in fiery CNN debate

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro and CNN’s Jake Tapper clashed repeatedly over President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic during a combative interview on Sunday that the CNN host abruptly ended, leaving Navarro in mid-sentence.

Navarro argued on “State of the Union” that the president took the coronavirus seriously in January, February and March after the outbreak was first reported in China despite comments Trump made in an interview with Bob Woodward that he intentionally downplayed the virus.

The Trump ally pointed out that the president acted early to ban travel from China and ramped up production of medical equipment for hospital workers while not trying to panic Americans and cause chaos.

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Tapper pressed Navarro why the president wasn’t being “straightforward with the American people?”

“He was straightforward,” Navarro responded.

“No, he wasn’t,” the CNN host countered.

“There was — look, look, Jake, Jake, I’m telling you what our strategy is,” Navarro said.

“Just answer the — it’s

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