Trump Admin Rolls Out New ‘Self-Reliance’ Rule for Immigrants, Sets Stage for 2020


Last week, the Trump administration made headlines with a widely publicized crackdown in Mississippi on illegal immigration.

On Monday, it kicked off the new week with a proposal to take a close look at legal immigrants applying for green cards and visas.

The latest move aims to make sure immigrants can support themselves without being a burden to the taxpayers already here — and sets up a debate for the 2020 election Democrats are going to have a tough time winning.

According to CNN, the administration on Monday released more than 800 pages of a proposed immigration rule that would expand the understanding of “public charge” – immigrants seeking legal residence or green cards who would be relying on public assistance.

Now, the term is used mainly for those who rely on welfare benefits that are in cash, “such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or Supplemental Security Income from Social Security,” CNN reported.

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