Trump: ‘Action must be taken’ against Mueller’s team for ‘wiping’ phones

Trump: ‘Action must be taken’ against Mueller’s team for ‘wiping’ phones

President Trump declared that “action must be taken” against former special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors after Justice Department records show members of the team “wiped” their phones during the Russia investigation.

“Action must be taken,” the president tweeted Monday, linking to a post by Harmeet K. Dhillon, a lawyer and Republican Party official.

“I’ll say it again: a lawyer in private practice who did this would go to the court hearing the irate federal judge called on 4 hours’ notice, knowing that sanctions, a bar referral, & criminal investigation would follow. But these ‘highly reputed prosecutors’ are above the law?,” she wrote, linking to a New York Post article about the Justice Department report.

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The Post story from Friday said that more than 24 cellphones belonging to members of Mueller’s investigators were “wiped” clean of data before the Justice Department’s inspector general could examine them.

Justice Department records found the phones were cleared because of forgotten passcodes, irreparable screen damage,

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