‘Treat Vaccinated People Differently’ to Avoid Quarantine 'Pingdemic', Says Blair

‘Treat Vaccinated People Differently’ to Avoid Quarantine 'Pingdemic', Says Blair

Former Labour prime minister Tony Blair has again called for the unvaccinated to be treated differently to the vaccinated, this time saying those who have had the shot should have a quicker process of exiting quarantine to mitigate against a “pingdemic”.

Despite Monday the 19th of July being touted as the long-awaited ‘Freedom Day’, where most restrictions have been lifted in England, there remains the order for all Britons to self-isolate if ordered to do so by through Nation Health Service (NHS) Covid Test and Trace app, which alerts users if they have been in contact with someone who has the Chinese coronavirus.

Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi confirmed on Monday that after August 16th and “if you’re double vaccinated you don’t need to isolate”, meaning that those who are not vaccinated would still be subject to quarantine after that date. The media has reported in the last week

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