‘Traitor!’: Lindsey Graham Harassed In Airport By Trump Supporters

‘Traitor!’: Lindsey Graham Harassed In Airport By Trump Supporters

Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) was verbally harassed by a group of Trump supporters at the Reagan National Airport on Friday, video from Trump supporter Mindy Robinson shows.

Robinson, who apparently took the video herself, and others can be heard calling Sen. Graham a “traitor” and calling for the presidential vote to be audited.

“You work for the people; you work for us; do you hear me?” one protester tells the senator.

“Lindsey Graham, you are traitor to the country! You knew it was rigged. You knew it was rigged, you garbage human being,” another protester screams, referring to the 2020 presidential election. “It’s gonna be like this forever, wherever you go, for the rest of your life.”

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Graham was called a “piece of s***” and chants of “traitor” and “audit our vote” broke out among the Trump supporters.

Following the breach at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Graham declared his “journey” with President Donald Trump over.

“I hate it

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