Tragic Road Trip Accident Leaves 5 Children Parentless

Tragic Road Trip Accident Leaves 5 Children Parentless

Last Thursday, husband and wife Jake and Jessica Woodruff were celebrating Jessica’s 45th birthday with a road trip along the coast. They set out from Yreka, California, headed to Oregon.

As they drove through the redwood-lined Highway 199 in a 2016 Honda Accord on Thursday, one of the enormous trees fell on top of their car, crushing them.

It was a freak accident, and no one really knows what caused the horrible incident.

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“This is a very forested area,” officer and California Highway Patrol spokesperson Brandy Gonzalez said, according to SF Gate. “We have trees everywhere. It’s in the middle of the redwoods. It’s just old growth and we have no idea why the tree fell. It was Mother Nature.”

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“The timing of everything was very, very unusual. I’ve been on the department for 19 years and I’ve

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