Tourist sought for approaching Yellowstone bear for a photo

Tourist sought for approaching Yellowstone bear for a photo

Authorities are hunting for a clueless tourist who came within feet of a massive grizzly bear just to snag a souvenir photo in Yellowstone National Park.

The intense viral footage — shot earlier this month by another tourist in a parking lot at Roaring Mountain inside the Wyoming park — shows an unidentified woman holding her phone as she stands close to the female grizzly.

The grizzly charges at the woman, appearing ready to pounce, before turning away. Nearby witnesses were left breathless after the frightening encounter, video shows.

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“Oh my God, oh my God,” one startled woman said. “Holy f-ck!”

“I got that on video!” another shocked witness said.

National Park Service rangers want to identify the woman as part of an investigation into the May 10 incident for disregarding rules to stay at least 100 yards away from bears, Yellowstone Park officials said this week.

National Park Service rangers are looking to to identify the woman who

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