TOTO: ‘Broken Hearts Gallery’ Proves Rom-Coms Aren’t Dead Yet

TOTO: ‘Broken Hearts Gallery’ Proves Rom-Coms Aren’t Dead Yet

There’s life left in the rom-com template, even if Hollywood pushed most of these romances off to streaming services.

Case in point: “The Broken Hearts Gallery,” a rom-com checking all the genre boxes sans apology.

The wacky/supportive best friends The singular gimmick which brings the couple together The meet cute moment It’s set in, where else, New York City That third act wrinkle that forces the lovers apart

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And, of course, the usual array of woke nods to let you know it’s a 2020 feature film. Sigh.

Geraldine Viswanathan is Lucy, a 20-something who just got dumped—and lost her job—in one cruel stroke. She shares her fate with what she thinks is a very patient Uber driver. Turns out it’s just a random stranger with a sympathetic ear.

Meet cute alert—with a dash of creepy!

That’s Nick (“Stranger Things” mullet head Dacre Montgomery), a budding entrepreneur trying to recreate the New York facade he fell for years earlier. They clumsily

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