TOTO: 6 Horror Movies So Awful They’re Great

TOTO: 6 Horror Movies So Awful They’re Great

Every film studio wants to create the next “Halloween,” “Jaws,” or “Get Out.”

Horror movies endure in a way few genres can match. They get resuscitated every October for the obvious reasons. Budding teenagers learn about them from their older cousins, counting the days until they’re “old enough” to watch the classics.

Other horror films stumble while trying to scare us. Their attempts at shock come off as shockingly funny, or just plain inept.

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They’re awful, but we can’t stop watching them.

The following movies fall squarely into that camp. Some had the very best of intentions before things went awry. Others probably knew the production was doomed from the start, but wouldn’t let that stop them.

One film landed with a thud in theaters but looks better in retrospect … for all the wrong reasons.

A quick note: Purposefully bad horror movies are a new and transparent trend. Films like the “Sharknado” series, “Birdemic” and every other Syfy

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