Top Draft Pick Under Fire For ‘Liking’ Pro-Trump Social Media Posts

Top Draft Pick Under Fire For ‘Liking’ Pro-Trump Social Media Posts

When you’re a quarterback selected with the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, you can expect some digging into your past. You’re the face of a billion dollar franchise and the hopes of millions of fans now rest on your shoulders.

What you probably don’t expect is to face backlash over tweets you’ve interacted with in the months and years before you were drafted.

That’s where New York Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson finds himself today.

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The first round selection is under fire for “liking” tweets in support of former President Trump, opposing kneeling in sports, and wishing people would stop “thrusting their beliefs on others.” 

The backlash first started when Twitter user “@RzstProgramming” noted Wilson’s apparent support of a pro-Trump tweet. Soon, the post had gone viral.

“New York Jets draft pick Zach Wilson liked a pro-Trump tweet saying ‘America is gone forever’ if Trump loses in 2020,” read the first tweet in a lengthy thread.

“Your last defender …Vote for Donald Trump

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