Top blockchain mentors join forces to advise on ‘groundbreaking’ Solana projects

Top blockchain mentors join forces to advise on ‘groundbreaking’ Solana projects

Solverse, a Solana-focused accelerator program, has tapped 21 subject matter experts to advise on up-and-coming Solana projects, setting the stage for further development of the high-performance blockchain network. 

Representatives from 20 companies were selected to join the Solverse mentorship program. The mentors themselves come from diverse backgrounds, including global investment banking, blockchain infrastructure and media. Representatives from Alameda Research, Axia8 Ventures, Bitscale, Lemniscape and many others will make up the mentorship panel.

The infrastructure provided by Solana will bring De-Fi capacity and sophistication to the next level,” said Wayne Lin, founder of Axia8 Ventures. “Our goal with Solverse is to create a brain trust with the top minds in the industry and to aggregate resources for products and services that will elevate the on-chain world.”

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The projects selected for Solverse Accelerator will receive advisory support from the mentors, as well as a go-to-market strategy. The accelerator program also provides resources and grants to aid entrepreneurs in bringing their products to market.

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